Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $200 a session.  Couples therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $210 a session.   (5% GST tax applies). If you do not have insurance coverage and are unable to afford my fee, please discuss this with me.  I have an associate who works very closely [...]

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Insurance Coverage

Some extended health insurance companies cover Registered Clinical Counsellors.  Check with your plan provider or your human resources department at work to see if my services are included in your benefits. buy real dianabol

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Payment is made at the beginning of each session by either cheque, cash or bank e-transfer.  Receipts are provided on request.   Visa and Master Card are not available at this time. cypionate 200

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Cancellation Policy

My cancellation policy requires 24 hour notice of cancelled or re-scheduled appointments.  If I am not able to fill your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, then you will be responsible for payment of the full session fee. here

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Your information is kept in strictest confidence.  No information may be released to anyone without your written permission and you can withdraw this permission at any time.  There are some exceptions to this rule.  If I am made aware that a child is currently or potentially being harmed or if there is reason to believe [...]

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How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment  you can contact me directly (no referral is required) at 604-926-7411 or email me at tchotem@tarachotem.com.  I am usually able to respond within a couple of hours. modified grf 1-29 results

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