Individual Therapy

My approach is primarily Psychodynamic, although I may use a number of different therapeutic methods (Cognitive, Interpersonal, Adlerian), depending on the needs of the client.

The Psychodynamic approach reflects the theory that

  • feelings and behaviours today are influenced by our perception of our early life experiences
  • often, as a result of these experiences, we develop views of the world and patterns of behaviour
    that we may not be conscious of
  • sometimes these views and behaviours can cause us considerable pain

In therapy you gain an understanding of how these unconscious views may be interfering with what you
want in your life.

With this increased awareness you will gain

  • a better ability to make positive choices in your life
  • more clarity in resolving problems
  • the ability to determine the best direction for yourself

While the therapeutic relationship is very important in all approaches to therapy, using the relationship between client and therapist as an “agent of change” is one of the hallmarks of the psychodynamic method.

Working together in the “here and now” of the therapy sessions gives you the opportunity to:

  • resolve interpersonal difficulties
  • experience new ways of relating

“The chief danger in life is that you may take too may precautions.” – Alfred Adler, M.D.