Zoom/FaceTime Video Therapy


You do not need a Zoom account in order to have a session on Zoom. I will email you a link and you just have to sign in. If you prefer, FaceTime is available on all Mac systems.

It is important to try and create the kind of privacy you would have in the counselling office. This means using headphones and having an appropriate space without interruptions or distractions for your sessions.

It is also important to understand that like email and cell phones, Zoom while encrypted, is not 100% guaranteed. Information transmitted over the internet could be intercepted and while this is very unlikely, I have no way of controlling it.

Next Step

If you feel you would like to discuss this type of therapy further, please contact me at 604-926-7411. At that time we can determine if this approach is suitable for you.

“Have the courage to be imperfect.” – R. Dreikurs, M.D.